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NSFplug is a NSF player plugin for Winamp and KbMediaPlayer. It supports NES/Famicom internal APU and 6 external sound devices.


  • Pentium III 500MHz or higher CPU (1GHz or higher is recomended)
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.
  • Winamp 2.9x, Winamp 5.xx, KbMediaPlayer 2.28 or later.



  • Internal sound device emulation.
    • Square x 2, Triangle x 1, Noise x 1, Delta PCM x 1
  • External sound device emulation.
    • FDS (Wavetable x 1)
    • MMC5 (Square x 2)
    • Sunsoft5B (Square x 3 + Noise x 1. Similar to the AY-3-8910)
    • Namco106 (Wavetable x 8)
    • VRC6 (Square x 2, Saw x 1)
    • VRC7 (FM x 6; reduced OPLL)
  • Filter emulation
    • High pass, Low pass and DC cutoff filter.
  • Meta information handling
    • Supports playlist file compatible with NEZplug (only for Winamp).
    • Supports Taginfo compatible with KbMediaPlayer.
  • Automatic loop time detection.
  • Real-time information display (only for Winamp).


NSFplug is ported to some other environments. I thank RuRuRu and Boukichi for their efforts.


I thank the authors of the following marverous documents. If these documents were not available online, I could not implement NSFplug. Especially, I thank Mamiya, the author of NEZplug for his CPU emulation code. NSFplug uses his accurate 'Km6502' CPU emulation code from NEZplug.

Further, I also thank users for their bug reports and useful comments.

Last-modified: 2007-06-03 (Sun) 15:36:02 (3374d)