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MSXplug is a MSX sound player plugin for Winamp 2 and 5 or KbMediaPlayer. MSX is one of the most popular computer in 80-90's of Japan. MSXplug emulates the all MSX standard sound devices and some external devices.


  • Windows 2000 or XP operating system. 800MHz or higher CPU is recommended for the best accuracy.
  • Winamp 2.8x and 5.xx or KbMediaPlayer.

If you would like to listen the MPK, OPX and MBM songs, following additional sound driver files for MSX is also required.

  • MPK.BIN and MPK103.BIN
  • MBR143.001
    • It can be obtained from a real MSX FM-PAC cart. If FMPAC.ROM is missing, MSXplug cannot correctly play MSX-MUSIC's embedded special tones used in some OPX files but all the songs in the other formats are not effected.



  • Supports KSS, MGS, BGM, OPX, MPK, MBM files
  • YM2149/AY-3-8910 and 1bit D/A emulation
  • YM2413 and Y8950 (except rhythm) emulation
  • Konami S.C.C and 8bit D/A emulation
  • Playback rate from 11K upto 96KHz
  • Supports MoonBlaster Stereo mode
  • Automatically detects playtime (except KSS)
  • Supports extended-playlist compatible with NEZplug



MSXplug has been built with the following software. MSXplug's license depends on these software's license. We thank the authors for their great artifacts. We also thank the users for their comments and bug reports.

  • ZLIB1.1.3 Copyright (C) Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
  • KMZ80 and MBM2KSS written by Mamiya.
  • KINROU5 by Keiichi Kuroda.
Last-modified: 2007-05-03 (Thu) 15:32:12 (3407d)